Promoting The Show

It's our goal to make the 2014 Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo a huge success for our exhibitors. To ensure this success the TVHFE has implemented promotional efforts through various media outlets in order to effectively reach the masses. The TVHFE has also formed a team dedicated to making sure the show runs smoothly for all of our 2014 exhibitors.

Our Promotional Efforts

  • Rick and Bubba LIVE BROADCAST Friday, July 11th
  • We will be featured on the Rick and Bubba Show for the month of July
  • We are spending over $150,000 on Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, Banners and Flyers to insure the show is a huge success

The Rick and Bubba Show

The Rick and Bubba show is the most influential radio show in the southeast and is the cornerstone of TVHFE's marketing efforts.

We are excited that Rick and Bubba will use their influence to make The Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing show a HUGE SUCCESS AGAIN in 2014!

About the Promoters

The TVHFE has put together a team dedicated to promoting and assisting show exhibitors in order to ensure their success.