Join us July 12th-14th at the VBC South Hall

Tennessee Valley Hunting & Fishing Expo


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North Alabama's
Biggest Hunting & Fishing Event

Huntsville, Alabama's Von Braun Center South Hall is the site for this year's #1 hunting, fishing, and outdoor event. Join the experts to find out the latest in casting, shooting, and enjoying the outdoors.

JULY 12-14, 2024

Friday 3PM-8PM
Saturday 9AM-8PM
Sunday 10AM-5PM
700 Monroe St SW
Huntsville, AL 35801

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Von Braun Center South Hall
700 Monroe St
Over 500 Booths
Something for Everyone
July 12-14, 2024
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Family Friendly

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lineup of industry experts & stars!

03:00 PM Doors Open
04:30 PM Twiggy
05:00 PM Jim Vitaro
06:00 PM Barbour Creek
06:30 PM Twiggy
07:00 PM Jim Vitaro
08:00 PM Day Closing
9:00 AM Doors Open
10:00 AM Twiggy
10:30 AM HALO Waterfowl
11:00 AM Timmy Horton
12:00 PM Fletcher Shryock
01:00 PM Twiggy
01:30 PM Jim Vitaro
02:00 PM Barbour Creek
03:00 PM Twiggy
04:00 PM Timmy Horton
05:00 PM Fletcher Shryock
05:30 PM HALO Waterfowl
06:00 PM Jim Vitaro
06:30 PM Twiggy
07:00 PM Barbour Creek
08:00 PM Day Closing
10:00 AM Doors Open
10:30 AM Twiggy
11:00 AM Fletcher Shryock
11:30 AM Barbour Creek
12:00 PM Timmy Horton
12:30 PM Twiggy
01:00 PM Riley Green Q&A
01:30 PM Fletcher Shryock
02:00 PM Riley Green Autographs
02:30 PM Timmy Horton
03:00 PM Twiggy
04:00 PM Jim Vitaro
05:00 PM Event End

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